We will update the race course before each event. Upon entering the park, please tell park staff you are there for the race.  Please remember to bring your number plate from prior races.  If you have more than one, bring em' both!

Cancellation policy: If we are forced to cancel the race due to weather prior to race day, we will offer full refund or your entry fee can be applied to another race.  If the race is cancelled due to severe weather during or right before race start (like a race in 2016), we will be unable to offer a refund.  We hope you can understand this policy, but chances are you still will get to enjoy a beer and hang out with friends.

On the map below for Sidewinder, the LONG course is the entire yellow section.  The SHORT course will take the left turn designated by the green coloring and arrow. Juniors and Beginners will NOT race on the road leading up to the top of the dam.



START TIMES –Sidewinder July 11, 2017

  • Please note the SHORT LAP is designated by the green line and arrow on the top map.  Juniors and Beginners will not race up the road along the dam.

5:00 - Junior Boy/Girl under 10 ---> 2 CIRCUIT LAPS

5:30 - Junior Boy 15-18 ---> 3 SHORT LAPS

5:31 - Junior Boy 11-14 ---> 2 SHORT LAPS

5:35 - Junior Girl 11-14/15-18 ---> 2 SHORT LAPS

5:40Beginner Men ---> 2 SHORT LAPS

5:41Beginner Women ---> 2 SHORT LAPS

6:15Open Men, Single Speed Men  ---> 3 LONG LAPS

6:16Sport Men, Clydesdales, 50+, 'Everything else' ---> 2 LONG LAPS

6:17 – Open Women, Single Speed Women ---> 2 LONG LAPS

6:18 - Sport Women ---> 2 LONG LAPS